Hi, I’m Seba

34 years experience in life
- chasing my dreams while having fun

34 years experience in capturing the world around me
Listen, learn, gain experience, optimize, repeat

32 years experience in being a brother
- taking care of what is precious in life

28 years experience as a soccer player
- which taught me that a team can push the sky away

26 years experience as a traveler
- curious exploring the world and other cultures thaugt me to broaden my perspective  and think outside the box

19 years experience in investigating music
- balancing between structure and chaos

12 years experience in projects
- cooping with the neverending challenge to optimize efficiency

8 years experience as a passionate hobby chef
- where I learnt to cope with time: be patient and calm at all times

That’s 193 years of experience all together, so I’m definitely your man!

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