Hi, I'm Sien

25 years experience in life
  - lived every second to the fullest

25 years experience in being a woman
  - as in instantly feeling what your needs are without you having to say them out loud

25 years experience as a sister
  - which taught me that compromise and communication are bliss

24 years experience as a traveler
  - crossing borders and pushing limits is my middle name

14 years experience in girl ànd boy scouts
  - where not only teamwork and responsibility were key, but first and foremost leading the boys in the right direction

15 years experience in ballet and dancing
  - gracefully moving my way through life and work with a big dose of perseverance

11 years experience as a hardworking student
  - I’ve learnt to juggle with numbers and to be creative at all times

9 years experience as a loving partner
  - talking and listening is what I’m good at

3 year experience in this business
  - twenty events and twenty satisfied customers later, I can’t wait for more to come

That’s 151 years of experience all together, so I’m definitely your woman!

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