Hi, I’m Thibaut

24 years experience in life
- lived every moment and still learning every day

23 years experience in being venturous
- always getting excited about new challenges and adventures 

22 years experience in being creative
- coloring the walls as a baby learned me to think outside the box

21 years experience as a traveler
- I see the world as my playground

19 years experience in music
- learned to never stop pushing myself

11 years experience as a hardworking student
- spared no effort to reach the deadlines

10 years experience in bands
- where practice made perfect

7 years experience as a snowboard instructor

- motivating and teaching people to step up their game

6 years experience in girl & boy scouts
- where teamwork, responsibility and empathy were key

6 years experience in graphic design
- ‘Adobe’ could be my middle name

3 years experience in organizing music events and tour management
- where I want to make sure everything is planned to perfection


That’s 152 years of experience all together, so I’m definitely your man!

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