Medizorg @ Ghent

On the last Saturday of September we had the privilege to host an event for a group of a hundred doctors for Medizorg.
Each year they gather around for a weekend of intense meetings and some social fun in between.
We started of the afternoon with a boat trip throughout the wonderfull city of Ghent. After the boat trip, the group got divided into 5 smaller groups so they were able to start an adventurous and culinary tasting trip.
Who doesn’t like a ‘jenever’ or some ‘Uuflakke met Tierentyn mosterd’? And don’t even get us started about the ‘Gentse neuzen’!
To top things of and to sit back a little it was time tot to walk around a lot during the discovery-trip, it was time to sit back and enjoy delicious wines and appetizers in the cosy store of ad Bibendum before heading back to the hotel.
Once back at the hotel people got to experience a great meal provided by @nhhotelgroup while enjoying a great performance by the one and only @stevengoegebeur

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 10:29


This year it has been 25years since IVAGO started providing a tremendous job in city of @Ghent.

So this time it was up to CLOUDS to return the favor and to make sure they had an awesome SILVER-edition.

Exactly one month ago we provided a big party @Eskimofabriek where employees were welcomed by silver mirror ladies, experienced a diamond party AND were able to win a real diamond.

After a nice dinner, people were instantly drawn to the dance-floor due to the dance-beats of @sylvermusic @silvyofficial

Party went on and on until the early morning thanks to DJ Jean S.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 11:42


For the third time in a row we had the privelege to organise the annual VEEPEE-Teamdays.
Place to be this year was ‘HANGAR 58’, the perfect party spot location in Genk surrounded by 550 hectares of nature.
After welcoming the 400 employees (coming from Belgium, Luxembourg, The Nederlands, Germany and Denmark) with a drink, sitting down for a small plenary section, lunch was served and people got informed about the afternoon activity: ‘The VEEPEE Obstacle-run’.
By dividing everyone into smaller teams and making sure every team had their own race against the clock, Clouds made sure to provide one heck of a teambuilding!
The mix of soapslides, jungle-adventures, riddles, inflatable parcours,… and some refreshing drinks while enjoying a perfect sunny day, set things up for a thrilling barbecue and party night. With partybeats of the all-employee band ‘LOVIPA’ and headliner ‘LES TRUTTES’, people were dancing the night away until the early hours.
In the morning the employees woke up -in a fully equipped tipi-tent- by the scent fresh bakes croissants and other goodnesses.
A perfect way to end a great event. We can’t wait to see what next edition will be!
Make sure to check out our aftermovie here!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - 15:48
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